What's hot in the famous American BOSTON ACOUSTICS Karaoke System?

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Enjoy the high-quality sound, quality from the famous American BOSTON ACOUSTICS Karaoke System at Minh Tri Audio

The whole set is real products, professionally matched by a technician.

Along with Minh Tri Audio review the details of each product, explaining why customers need to own immediately:

Boston Acoustics BA5000 digital mixer (4.900.000vnđ)

Digital Karaoke Effects Processor Boston Acoustics BA5000 (digital karaoke) is a high-performance karaoke audio signal processor that allows adjustments to background music, vocals with vibrations and echoes ... with digital effects animations are easy to use.

It equipped with professional algorithm effect processing that allows the user to get the best voice. Independent Echo and Reverb parameter controls with 5 EQ (5-band EQ) tuners.

Boston Acoustics BA Classic 12 Speaker (8.900.000vnđ)

Boston Acoustics BA Classic 12 Mid / Bass 30 cm, 250W capacity for karaoke, and playing music is great, showing great power and the warm softness of sound.

Suggested room area: 30m2 -50m2


Amply Boston Acoustics PA400 (7.200.000vnđ)

It was designed by American acoustics experts, Boston Acoustics' PA Series Power Amplifiers go beyond mere amplification, being an excellent "launchpad" to maximize the power and sound quality of equipment with coordination such as karaoke mixer, karaoke speaker, stage speaker, and hall.

The Boston Acoustics PA 400 is a 2-channel Power Amplifier with powerful 400W / channel (8 Ohms) power, meeting the needs of enjoying powerful sound while ensuring that each sound range is handled professionally, subtly to help create perfect entertainment space for home, commercial karaoke room, wedding party sound system ...

MICRO CA M-8 (3.400.000vnđ)

It is a high-end product of the CASound brand, the quality of the M8 wireless microphone is undeniable when it is carrying all the quintessence of the brand.

  • The hand mic is machined in stainless steel, powder-coated, bringing luxury to the user.
  • The core is used as a professional type that can capture the sounds and voices of the user in the most authentic way.
  • The receiver with 2 long antennas should transmit with high efficiency, the ability to broadcast up to 200m, very suitable for outdoor environments or areas with many obstructions.
  • The microphone uses AA batteries, for amazing battery savings.
  • The microphone has a professional application range with 200 selectable channels (1600 frequency selections) giving users the freedom to choose without fear of duplication when using too many devices of the same frequency.

Karaoke whole: 24.400.000vnđ.

**Utilities and gifts included:

- Free shipping

- Materials and installation complete.

- In addition to the genuine warranty period, Minh Tri Audio donates +1 year of product maintenance from our company

- Gift voucher worth VND 500,000 for the next buy.


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